Malaysia Online Camera Store

Malaysia photographers should know of Shashinki, claim to be Malaysia first and only online camera store. I set it out to prove him wrong. Ok. It is the first, but not the ONLY anymore.

Apparently some joker setup another online camera store called ProCamera. The joker is Shriro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. As the name suggest they only sell professional equipments. We are not talking about Canon or Nikon DSLR. Not Manfrotto tripod or Sigma, Tamron lens. ProCamera sells some of the most prestigous brand in photography industry. Hasselblad, Gitzo, Carl Zeiss. The best in its class.

Only problem is, will you order something that costs RM few 10k from internet? Think again. I probably like to test trial before signing my cheque.

Note: Shriro group is an international manufacturing, marketing and distribution organisation based in HK. They own 90% shares of Hasselblad.

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