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iOS 4 apps bugs uncomfortable syndrome

Ever since the launch of iOS 4, a lot of bugs have been reported. Many apps reportedly crash or break as developers rushing to get the fix out, to be compatible with iOS 4 new APIs. The golden rules of "every new OS fill with bugs" is alive and living strong. Pioneers get the arrows, settlers get the land. But it's ok, I'll take a few arrows, and the arrows slowly develop into a syndrome, "iOS 4 apps bugs uncomfortable syndrome"

Syndromes are in escalating order.

Syndrome no.1
Feel anxious, anxiety of the bugs as the infected patient cannot do anything but wait for a new release.

Syndrome no. 2
Keep searching the web, forum, blog for solutions.

Syndrome no. 3
Reports to developer, protest in forums and blog comments.

Syndrome no. 4
Browsing thru App Store in hope to find an temporary alternative. Worst case spent money purchasing few apps and in the end found out they do not meet your requirements or contains more bugs than the original apps. Syndrome repeats itself from no. 1 all over again.

Cure and only cure for now

Turn off all devices, head to the nearest swimming pool and dunk yourself into the water to cool down. It's the only place you can't use the devices, at least for now. (Start thinking of a waterproof case for iPhone and iPad…)

The iOS 4 reviews all iPhone users must read

I have been asked to write an iOS 4 reviews since I told my friends I installed it. Ars Technica has the best iOS 4 reviews and I suggest every iOS 4 users read it. It explains all the new notable features and a walk through of many hidden functions. Do you know there's now an antilock button for iPhone? Yes, you finally can use iPhone in space. Read it!


Solving the mysterious lost of 3G and Edge connection on iOS 4

Some iPhone 3GS users reported broken 3G and Edge connection after upgraded to iOS4. I can assure you this is not a jailbreak issue since many users who never jailbreak their iPhone was hit by the same problem. It appears certain iPhone carriers settings are corrupted after iOS 4 upgrade. The method to overcome this issue is to restore iPhone as a new phone, losing all your SMS and Apps settings/data.

While waiting for Apple to release a fix, here's a temporary workaround without the need to go thru the painful restore process.

1. Download iPhone Configuration Utility. Mac OS X. Windows. Install and launch it. For Mac, it's installed under Applications-> Utilities.

2. Go to Library-> Configuration Profiles. Click on File-> New Configuration Profiles. Under General fill in Name and Identifier. They can be anything.

Goto Advanced. For Maxis, APN: unet, Username: maxis, Password: wap. Leave other fields blank, for Maxis customer. For other carrier please refer this link.


3. Connect your iPhone. Devices -> YOUR iPhone -> Configuration Profiles. Install the profiles you just created. Your iPhone will pop up and ask for install verification. Just click install. Once done, check under iPhone Settings -> General. There should be a new Profile selection. You should be able to access 3G/edge network now.

Voicemail and MMS still broken. For Malaysia iPhone we cannot change the APN settings without going thru some hardcore jailbreak + terminal hacking. Since iPhone 3GS new Bootrom jailbreak isn't available yet, and since I never use any of them, I don't bother to go further. 3G network is all I need.

Footnote: For those who are interested to enable voicemail and MMS you can study this article.

iPhone mails full text search with uMail

One thing really frust me about iPhone Mail is that it can only do header search, i.e. sender, recipient and subject only. What happen to contents? Isn't that the most important search any client wants? Annoyed

The final missing piece finally came in with uMail, an e-mail client focused on streamlining e-mail searches. It is based on ReMail, recently purchase by Google and make it open source, which resulted in uMail.

uMail downloads all your email to your iPhone and offers powerful full-text email search. Compared to iPhone's Mail client search facilities, it's faster, cheaper, works offline and full text search like in iPhone Mail. uMail autocompletes names of your contacts for faster search, remembers past searches, and marks up text matches. uMail also has the basic reply forward functions and supports Gmail, IMAP mail server. Best of all it's FREE! Laughing

The downside is uMail converts any html emails into text, thus losing the original format of the emails. To overcome this problem, user will have to remember the subject, go back into iPhone Mail and do the header search. Nevertheless uMail is a very useful app for business user like me. At least from now on I won't be lost in the emails.






How to create iPhone ringtones (iTunes 9.x edition)?

I hate to say it but Apple has become more and more protective. By US law (not sure about Malaysia), one cannot simply make a ringtone out of their favorite songs that subject to copyright protection. In other words, you must pay for the ringtones, and in iPhone case, purchase ringtones thru iTunes store.

PS: iTunes store sells musics and ringtones, not to be mistaken with App Store.

Sadly iTunes store is only available to US credit card holder. Prior iTunes 9 user still can go thru the loophole. Apple has since fixed the "bug" on 9.x release. Suddenly all iPhone ringtone in Malaysia go back to old school, the good old ring ring.

Once again jailbreak to the rescue. If you are one of the brave hearted, search for "Ringtones" with "s" in Cydia.

The app is rather simple, or can be very complicated. I am a simple person thus I will go thru the easy way. 

  1. Edit your favorite songs, presumably the popular mp3 format with any of your prefer software, in my case Audacity. Most people already know how to do this. I won't go into details. Just remember the ringtones must not exceed 40 sec.
  2. Fire up iTunes, click on Ringtones (the little bell icon on the left, under Library). Throw your edited songs into it. Right click -> Get Info. Change the artist to "1". I will explain later on this.
  3. Sync your Iphone.
  4. Launch Ringtones app on iPhone and click start converting.

  6. See that the list is sort by artist? Changing the artist beginning with numeric ease the search.
  7. Click on the artist will bring you to the music list. Select the song, hit quick conversion and wait for it to finish.
  8. Once done goto iPhone Settings->Sounds-> Ringtone. There you will see your newest converted ringtones.