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5 Stranded Strategic Approach

1. Buy a property that will interest owner occupiers. Where you don’t actually need to follow the bunch” of newbie property investors this may be especially significant in the present more mature phase of the entire property’s cycle.

2. Buy a property below its intrinsic value – that’s why I avoid new and off the plan properties, which come at a premium price. Strategy

3. In a place with an extensive history of strong capital increase and that can continue to outperform the averages due to the demographics in the region.

4. An area where more owner occupiers will want to live because of lifestyle choices and one where the locals will be prepared to, and can afford to, pay a premium price to live because they have higher disposable incomes.

5. I’d try to find a property using a turn – something distinct, or specific, exceptional or rare regarding the property, and eventually… a property where I can make capital increase through renovations, refurbishment or redevelopment as opposed to waiting for the marketplace to deliver me capital increase.

I minimize my threats and maximize my upside by following my 5 Stranded Tactical Strategy.

Each strand represents a style of combining all five and earning money from property is a strong means of setting the odds in my personal favour.